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New HR jobs.com specializes in referring and placing Human Resources employees. We offer innovative solutions and a diverse database of HR professionals to meet your HR staffing needs.

New HR jobs.com provides a comprehensive portfolio of employment consulting services across a broad range of industries and HR disciplines. We offer a combination of superior service with innovative solutions designed to meet your HR department's employment challenges. NewHRjobs.com is the partner with the business know-how and expertise you've been looking for to efficiently minimize your hiring costs. There is no charge to our client companies for listing their HR openings. Our recruiting site is a professional, cost-effective referral and placement service for the human resources business community.

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$500 Signing Bonus - HR Employees Wanted - Do you have at least two years of HR experience or a Bachelor's Degree or higher in Human Resources? If so, we want you to submit your resume today. Receive a $500 Reward Bonus from New HR Jobs.com if we successfully locate a new HR job for you and you stay with the company for at least 30 days.

We invite you to take an opportunity to view our site and see how we can help you learn more about our HR job listings. We have kept our site and information simple to provide you with the information necessary to make you more knowledgeable in the world of HR staffing. Our primary goal has always been to place the right people in the right places.

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